About us

A little history of our brand

December 12, 1999

The first mayonnaise brewing at the enterprise

The company started with one position of mayonnaise. It was a classic Provence in a Soviet-style glass jar. All production was located in a room of 15 square meters. At the moment, the company produces 18 items of mayonnaise only, 4 items of packaged margarine, 2 items of ketchup and 8 items of vinegar. Occupies an area of ​​1500 square meters, the company employs about 60 people.

Over the past years, our products have repeatedly participated in various exhibitions and competitions. It has been awarded various awards.

In 2013, the company was first certified according to ISO 2005 and 2008

Our clients

always happy

Our products are liked by our customers because of the taste that we have tried to keep unchanged since the launch of production. In the production of our mayonnaise and margarine, we do not use newfangled cheap palm oil, only our own sunflower oil. Our ketchup is made only from high quality tomato paste. No substitutes. Our vinegar has exactly the concentration indicated on the label, and not less.

All our products are made with love. We adhere to the principles: maximum quality, maximum naturalness of the product